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Below you will find 6 key steps that happen during a piano move. Simple, professional and safe.

01. Cost level information and our services

Transport Piano Movers Montreal accepts several forms of requests: by phone 438 937-8986, by email demenagementpianotransport@gmail.com or via our form online. Whatever option you choose, Piano Transport Removal will always ask for specific information, absolutely related to your transportation, moving, delivery or piano moving. We do not want to rush you into taking a decision.
We do not want you to feel that we are putting you under pressure either. Instead, we want to make sure we understand absolutely all your needs, therefore, expect us to have some questions for you such as: what type of piano (right or tail), size of the piano, floors to go up to or get down from , distance between addresses, date of move, etc.

02. Making appointments

Once you accept our offer, one of our advisers will contact you to establish an exact date and time for your piano move.

03. The day of the move and the preparation

According to the agreement between you and our company, our team made up of 2 to 4 movers will arrive at the scheduled time. Depending on the case, the movers will examine the place and prepare a precise and safe action plan. In order to optimize the weight of the piano, the movers take care of removing the removable pieces of the piano: the piano case, the front plate, the pedals, the feet and the cover, etc.
The piano is packed and mounted on a skid (equipment specially designed for piano moving) and stowed. Depending on the case, the piano is raised or lowered in order to be loaded into the truck.

04. The transport of the piano from Point A to Point B

Depending on the distance to be traveled, the piano will be delivered to the destination address as per the agreement: express, AM pickup and PM delivery, grouped or stored and delivered.

05. The move has arrived at the destination

The piano is prepared, so that it is delivered to the destination address. The parts that have been removed are reinstalled back in their place. The complete removal of the packaging.

06. Invoicing

The settlement of the account will be carried out at the end of the move. We never ask to pay in advance, except in cases where we take upon ourselves to deliver your piano over a long distance or for the storage service that is paid at the beginning of each month or according to the customer agreement. and our company. You have the choice to pay by credit card Visa or Mastercard, cash or certified check.


MPT is the reference for moving upright or grand pianos, organ and various heavy and fragile objects in the region of Montreal and its surroundings, Montérégie and Estrie, in the Laurentians and Lanaudière. We serve amateur and professional pianists, music schools, residences and construction companies.


We also have a storage service that takes care of keeping your furniture or instrument safe. The storage time depends on your availability and your own needs. Whether for a short, medium or long term, we have the warehouses and the care you need.



Independently of the situation, the origin and size of your instrument (upright piano, grand piano or harpsichord), the piano pros will carefully do their job by seeking to do everything possible to bring you a personalized solution for your piano move. Entrust your transport or your move without hesitation to the experts of Moving Piano Transport.

Moving Piano Transport uses all the necessary means to guarantee an unblemished service throughout Quebec:

A team of specialists trained exclusively for moving and transporting heavy and valuable objects.

Trucks equipped and adapted to the transport of heavy objects.

Material and equipment designed for heavy objects: customized transport cases, skids, padded covers, covers, straps, belt with ratchets, plastic wraps for packaging, bubble wrap, etc.

  • • Trusted company
  • • Cheap and punctual movers
  • • Affordable and transparent prices
  • • Professional services
  • • Excellent customer service
  • • Clean and well-maintained trucks
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Can regular movers move a piano?

Despite the fact that moving in general does not necessarily require the help of professional movers, moving special objects or heavy objects such as pianos actually do require the help of professional movers that know what they are doing.
Getting help from professional movers is for your own safety. We say so because the moving of heavy objects is a very delicate process. It therefore requires a certain expertise as many parameters are taken into consideration before the actual move takes place.
As you already know pianos are voluminous objects and therefore compile a lot of space. In the moving of these, parameters such as the size of the doors, size of the staircase, and even the size of the vehicle used in the moving process are very important and have to be taken into consideration. A piano moving gone wrong could cause physical as well as material damage. Therefore, regular movers or yourself that have no experience in the moving of heavy objects cannot move a piano safely.

Should I hire a piano mover?

The answer is definitely yes. The answer is definitely yes because, peons are very delicate objects to move and therefore require a certain expertise the only people specialized in such can have. As we have mentioned before, the moving process of a piano requires special equipment. And beyond having the equipment, it is important that you move us know how to use the equipment for safe moving. What we refer to asa safe moving, is one that does not cause any physical or material damage.

How much does it cost to move a piano in Montreal?

As we have mentioned before, the moving of certain objects require that certain parameters be taken into consideration. In the case of a piano moving in either Montreal or Toronto, the aspects one should take into consideration before establishing a price are; the emplacement of the piano, the size of the piano And of course the type of piano. Usually, a parameter that moves take into consideration is the urgency of the move. As you could easily guess, the more urgent the move the more it would cost. If you move is not that urgent, you might want to take into consideration group moving. Group moving is a more economical option as your object will be moved with someone else’s. However, the process requires some time because, the movers need to find someone going in the same direction as you.


We are always looking forward to answering your valuable questions